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The ghost of Mike Bibby will not haunt the Wizards

For an idea of how bad the Washington Wizards were this year, one has to look no further than Boston’s win over Miami on Saturday night, soon to be known as “the one-arm Rondo game.” Mike Bibby left the Wizards … Continue reading

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Al Thornton’s momentary good shot selection

The Wizards generally aren’t worth watching, but this dunk sure is. The dunk contest is great entertainment, but an in-game dunk is infinitely more satisfying.

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Wizards losing streak: 25 to life?

It sucks to be Chick Hernandez’s barber these days. The Comcast SportsNet anchor has promised to not cut his hair until the Wizards get a road win. Now Mike Wise has jumped on the bandwagon by making a similar promise … Continue reading

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Saturday sports madness

1. McNabb/Grossman: I’ll take Boswell’s “Mike Shanahan wears two hats and should add a third – dunce cap” over Jenkins’ Shanahan apologist column. McNabb is not the problem, skipped throws and all, and neither was Jason Campbell. 2. Arenas/Carter/Turkoglu: Right now … Continue reading

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Yo Wizards and Redskins ‘fans’, go boo yourselves

–by the Squirrel Master When the Verizon Center made the decision to show the hometown quarterback of a storied yet struggling franchise, Donovan McNabb was received at Tuesday’s Wizards-Lakers game with “a stunning amount of boos.” According to the Steinbog, some put the number of … Continue reading

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Epic take-down of Andray Blatche

In the latest incarnation of the Washington Wizards (post-playoff era) the two players who have routinely gotten my goat are Nick Young and Andray Blatche. United by their volume shooting and questionable shot selection, Blatche and Young are now the … Continue reading

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Step into the boneheaded Arena(s)

Update: Arenas has been fined by Flip. Gilbert Arenas faked an injury so Nick Young, the one-dimensional scorer from USC, could get some run in a preseason game. I told him I’ll go and fake an injury or say something’s … Continue reading

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