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D.C.’s palm trees lead to a summer state of mind

This being the dog days, I shall be taking it easy in my native northern climes and shant be posting for a bit. The good news, or bad news depending on how you see it, is after weeks of struggling … Continue reading

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Interesting alleys: Miller’s/Frederick Douglass Court

┬áLast in a series Perhaps one of the most stunning things about D.C. are the interesting vistas seemingly everywhere, created by L’Enfant’s grid that allows streets to follow perfectly straight routes for blocks and blocks. Because most of these streets … Continue reading

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If you can’t take the heat, get off the Metro

One way to snarkily write this post would be to sum up Metro’s service in sweltering weather with one word: Poor. But in reality, just like every operation, Metro is filled with both good and bad/terrible/useless employees. Consider today’s rush-hour … Continue reading

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It’s the heat…and the humidity

The entire East Coast and South regions of the United States are gripped in a heat wave. Two of the hottest places: D.C. and Baltimore. Both sweltering cities are scheduled for a high of 95 degrees Tuesday. Thats a hotter … Continue reading

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D.C.’s summers: How legendary are they?

Blink and you might have missed spring. Or so it feels like this week, with D.C. temperatures routinely cracking 80 degrees and AC units getting their first workout. The temperature should drop later this week, but by late May we … Continue reading

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Spring springs

All of a sudden the flowers are up and our backyard is knee-deep in Robins. The next two months are certainly the best in the D.C. area weather-wise. Let’s enjoy it.

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Snowmageddon/SnoMG/Snopocalypse anniversary

‘Twas just a year ago now that we grappled with the epic shutdown of D.C. at the hands of a winter pounding. Despite being from “flinty” New England, I and everyone else must now admit that those successive snow storms … Continue reading

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