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Lights out, where the sun never sets

Sometimes, the intensity of D.C. just saps my own energy. Often the best way to re-absorb the city’s vibe is just to take a walk and soak it all on. The garishly painted rowhouses, alley cats, friendly and (unfriendly) people … Continue reading

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Down goes the eyesore

It’s coming down. Portions of the District of Columbia General Hospital on Independence Avenue SE are making way for some sort of development; I will wait until something is actually constructed here before speculating on what that development may be. … Continue reading

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CVS gets points for trying

I could easily write a John Kelly-esque customer service trashing of CVS — why are the stores so ugly, clerks incompetent, stores so poorly laid out, lacking on self check-out machines … you get the idea. But consider this: This … Continue reading

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The DMV: Serving 250 new customers daily

Guess how long it will take about 7,500 people to move to the D.C. area. About a month, according to a very cool database on the Buffalo Business Journal (Umm, what publication?). More big-picture notable, according to this database, is … Continue reading

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Visualizing just how narrow those rowhouses are

City-dwellers are accustomed to tight spaces. Squeezing through a crowded club, trying to jam a queen bed through a basement door or inching into the world’s smallest parking space. It’s just the way it is. Cramped conditions result in creativity. And no … Continue reading

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Can D.C.’s corner store dinosaurs evolve?

Just East of Capitol Hill, corner stores play more into the rhythm of daily life than the big-box stores, CVS and groceries of more commercial areas in D.C. But 15th St., straddling Northeast and Southeast, might be the winner of … Continue reading

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In Hill East, a store for every corner

Though Hill East is but a few blocks from the heart of Capitol Hill, living in the area makes one more aware of the retail situation, which generally means Hill East’s ubiquitous corner stores. While Capitol Hill proper surely has its … Continue reading

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