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Metrorail/MARTA comparison: Ridiculous

Another one from the files of “readers who should have thought twice before sending a letter to editor at the Washington Post” (Previous take-down: Tourists complaining about the Metro). Honest query: Do editors run these letters ironically or because they … Continue reading

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Alley etiquette

You wouldn’t know it, but there is a proper way to speed through an alley in your car. At least, that’s what some of my neighbors think. These aren’t the whimsical ways I waxed poetically about in previous missives, a … Continue reading

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Interesting alleys: South of East Capitol

Fourth in a series Unlike Gessford Court, F Street Terrace and Kings Court, this unnamed alley seems to be neither historically nor economically notable. In fact, I can’t even identify a name for it. We’ll go with East Capitol alley for … Continue reading

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The Rosslyn designated smoking area

Riding the Metro and feeling the pangs of a nicotine fix? No fear Orange and Blue line riders, the solution can’t be too far away; just head to Rosslyn. There, the architecture of the indoor/outdoor station works in concert with people rippin’ … Continue reading

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If you can’t take the heat, get off the Metro

One way to snarkily write this post would be to sum up Metro’s service in sweltering weather with one word: Poor. But in reality, just like every operation, Metro is filled with both good and bad/terrible/useless employees. Consider today’s rush-hour … Continue reading

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The Coors Light rail system

What does my four-times-a-week Metro commute have in common with the Coors Light Silver Bullet train? Not much. This NBA playoffs, that cool refreshing locomotive is motoring its way into every broadcast. Usually the bullet train subs in for some … Continue reading

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Don’t judge a bar by its cover

Today was the best weather day the city has seen so far this year. Beg to differ and you must not be a DMV native. Low 70’s, sunny, and a nice cool breeze to boot. Perfect baseball weather. Ironically enough, … Continue reading

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