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Thank you Tom Toles

The Washington Post cartoonist has a moving portrait of Martin Luther King today. It’s a piece of art worth cutting out of the paper and it delivers a message we all need to hear: Non-violence. Advertisements

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Prince George’s or PG?

In light of the rash of the crime wave in Prince George’s (which is finally getting some editorial love from the D.C. media…only took a Rushern Baker’s dozen killings), ol’ Petula Dvorak broke an unspoken rule: Don’t call Prince George’s … Continue reading

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Post editorial board: No to Cali high-speed rail

The Washington Post is against the high-speed rail plan in California, specifically because it is “a stretch connecting not, say, Los Angeles and Anaheim but two obscure locations in the state’s rural Central Valley”: We have our doubts about the … Continue reading

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A graphic is worth ‘a milli’ words

Update: Crack correspondent down has contributed this excellent companion chart to the original blog post. Let’s give it up for Alicia Parlapiano. The Washington Post graphic artist has put together a fantastic newspaper (and Web) feature in today’s paper. Her chart, accompanying … Continue reading

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Courtland Milloy plagiarizes himself

An interruption from my series on Barracks Rows’ exploding restaurant scene so as not to bore y’all. The final two segments will run Friday and and some time next week. Judging by his third column on the need to change … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part two

See parts one and three. 4. Tom Sietsema: The food critic is quick with his wit and on top of restaurant openings, chef comings and goings and hosts can’t-miss weekly chats on Wednesdays. My only complaint is that he doesn’t … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part one

This list is entirely subjective and also pretty stupid. I don’t care. Walter Pincus has won a Pulitzer and I respect what he does, but don’t read everything he writes. These writers, in no particular order, I never miss…(See parts two … Continue reading

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