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Get the hell out of my way! Can’t you see that I’m DRIVING here?

We’ve all cursed out that guy weaving through lanes on the Beltway, brimming with self-importance in his stupid Lexus. On a good day, we relish the smug satisfaction of later pulling up right next to that sunglasses-wearing, Bluetooth-chatting hot shot … Continue reading

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The worst degrees that pay more than journalism

Yahoo! loves to hit me with stupid lists. I see some foolish collection of nonsense on their homepage, invariably click it, then boil over with rage moments later. We’ve all seen the best-paying college degrees list. Now we get to … Continue reading

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Did anyone lose their luggage?

Aw damn, this would be a great time to have an audience. The 600-800 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue SE are closed to auto and pedestrian traffic due to a suspicious package. I know this because a cop told me “suspicious … Continue reading

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Come one come all

And watch as we scorch the earth and leave a baron path behind us. Take a gander at those photo galleries.  There is nothing they can tell/show me that doesn’t make this scream environmental disaster. This is kind of a … Continue reading

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Big Phat omission

Puff pieces are a necessary evil in journalism. They help writers gain access and trust from their sources. Writers often don’t even realize they are putting a positive spin on something until it is later pointed out by some cranky … Continue reading

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Is it just me or is it serendipitous that there is an article about the sky-high personal debt of Kwame Brown, a D.C. at-large City Council member, in the same Sunday issue of the Post that gives us a look … Continue reading

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