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The DMV: Serving 250 new customers daily

Guess how long it will take about 7,500 people to move to the D.C. area. About a month, according to a very cool database on the Buffalo Business Journal (Umm, what publication?). More big-picture notable, according to this database, is … Continue reading

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Baltimore could leverage its proximity to D.C.

At current rates, Washington is going to be larger than Baltimore within the next few years. It is lame to think of population trends as some sort of footrace, but the reality is Baltimore has a lot of vacant houses … Continue reading

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Washington and Baltimore: A tale of two cities

With the rack of Maryland, Virginia and D.C. results from the census, something significant has been lost in the shuffle. Growing Washington, with close to 602,000 people, is going to surpass shrinking Baltimore, with just under 621,000 people, soon. In … Continue reading

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Wait, the ICC wasn’t Smart?

In the face of being “America in Miniature,” offering beautiful beaches, mountains and cities, the much-publicized “Smart Growth” state is anything but, according to the Baltimore Sun. In its most comprehensive review to date, the University of Maryland’s National Center … Continue reading

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Prince George’s continues to struggle with ‘Smart Growth’

Montgomery, Arlington, and even Fairfax have now embraced their current and future Metro stations, to varying degrees. But Prince George’s, which has 15 Metro stations — more than any other jurisdiction besides the District — continues to struggle. At stations … Continue reading

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View from U.S. Capitol drowns out shrieking children, tourists’ cameras

Right at the base of the U.S. Capitol is one of Washington’s best views. Looking due West, one can see rows of museums, tourists and their cameras, ┬ásteady traffic on 7th St., the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the … Continue reading

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Call me a wannabe bike sharer

The question of whether or not to fork over the reasonable introductory price of $50 for D.C.’s new bike sharing service, Capital Bikeshare, which will be similar to BIXI in Montreal, is a tough one for someone who doesn’t work … Continue reading

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