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Tabi Bonney: ‘Get’ him while you can

Langdon Park’s Tabi Bonney has an ear for beats. Starting with the “The Pocket,” his four-year-old track and biggest single to date, the man simply puts out songs that will make you move. So why isn’t anyone dancing? His new-ish … Continue reading

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Alternative rock radio’s narrow view of listeners

The average listener of WWDC (DC 101), or any other mainstream alternative rock station (WCYY for Northerners) likes a steady diet of: 90s hits, whatever new song is out from a band whose name starts with “The” and, of course, … Continue reading

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Local spin: Wale’s More About Nothing

Wale was waving the DMV flag for the entire region just a few months ago – he still might be, but he is now established, not buzzing. This summer, the Largo rapper comes hard with his first work since major … Continue reading

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Big Phat omission

Puff pieces are a necessary evil in journalism. They help writers gain access and trust from their sources. Writers often don’t even realize they are putting a positive spin on something until it is later pointed out by some cranky … Continue reading

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