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Quick math: When Metro loses, you lose

The SmarTrip card readers at Rosslyn have been down for the better part of the past two days. For at least the Tuesday p.m. rush and all day Wednesday, Metro employees were allowing SmarTrip users (just flash your card, or … Continue reading

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Sharks circling the Potomac River

While it would be great to see a massive gila monster or some such creature in D.C., I would settle for a tiburon. Bull sharks have been caught in the Potomac around St. Mary’s County this week and can swim … Continue reading

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The airing of errors

First: 1,000,000 hat tips to DCist on this one. They were way ahead of me when they highlighted this correction on TBD’s site. But I’m going to write about it anyway. At the very beginning of the process of explaining … Continue reading

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The way to one-up ‘The City that Reads’

Two alligators spotted in Chicago. (Love the cutline on this story: Actual Picture Of Alligator). 18-inch reptile caught in Queens. Caiman snared by a kid in B-More. Godzilla in Washington? Well, not exactly. Sure we’ve got intersex fish in the … Continue reading

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Alternative rock radio’s narrow view of listeners

The average listener of WWDC (DC 101), or any other mainstream alternative rock station (WCYY for Northerners) likes a steady diet of: 90s hits, whatever new song is out from a band whose name starts with “The” and, of course, … Continue reading

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The worst degrees that pay more than journalism

Yahoo! loves to hit me with stupid lists. I see some foolish collection of nonsense on their homepage, invariably click it, then boil over with rage moments later. We’ve all seen the best-paying college degrees list. Now we get to … Continue reading

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Norman Rockwell in monochrome

Everyone should go see the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum. Despite the incredible egoism displayed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, who allowed their private collections to be presented on 7th St. NW, the exhibit offers … Continue reading

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