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Washington, D.C.: A guide to awkward conversations

Everyone at some point will find themselves chilling at a party or an event where they don’t know anyone. One minute one is lingering on the fringes of conversation comfortably, cool drink in hand. And then all eyes turn: Your … Continue reading

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The Rosslyn designated smoking area

Riding the Metro and feeling the pangs of a nicotine fix? No fear Orange and Blue line riders, the solution can’t be too far away; just head to Rosslyn. There, the¬†architecture¬†of the indoor/outdoor station works in concert with people rippin’ … Continue reading

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Rallied out on the Metro

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, it is always interesting to see people of all stripes board our train system, take it downtown and yell about whatever particular personal affront has compelled them to travel to D.C. On … Continue reading

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Say goodbye to 295, I-495, Independence Avenue and friends

On Wednesday, I said goodbye to an old standby: The auto commute. No longer will I have to circumnavigate the Beltway or zip up the left lane of the BW Parkway, trying to break the standing Capitol Hill-Laurel record of … Continue reading

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Metro’s Green Line proven unsafe

In a story reported around D.C. blogs earlier this week, a Tea Party advocate who lives in D.C. posted his advice to visitors from out of town attending Glenn Beck’s rally on the Mall. The story is best viewed on … Continue reading

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All the colors of the rainbow

This September a new D.C. Council chairman will be selected in the primaries (the District is a one-party city, didn’t you know? If you want your vote to count, you must register as a Democrat). And the new council chair … Continue reading

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Toasted grass with a side of fresh bananas

Most people don’t have front yards in the city, and if they do, they are just big enough to accommodate one sun-bathing fat guy. So, for recreation, we turn to our local parks. Marion Park, a two-block oasis with a … Continue reading

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