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Independence Avenue: Fright night

Independence Avenue: Fright night

Any sort of editorial comment will only tarnish the beauty of this work.

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Get off my blacktop

Apologies for infrequent posting — that’s just going to be the way it is for the foreseeable future. Anyway… Got to kill some time in an alley or off the-beaten-path corner of the city? Here, let me brainstorm some ideas … Continue reading

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Washington, D.C.: A guide to awkward conversations

Everyone at some point will find themselves chilling at a party or an event where they don’t know anyone. One minute one is lingering on the fringes of conversation comfortably, cool drink in hand. And then all eyes turn: Your … Continue reading

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The Coors Light rail system

What does my four-times-a-week Metro commute have in common with the Coors Light Silver Bullet train? Not much. This NBA playoffs, that cool refreshing locomotive is motoring its way into every broadcast. Usually the bullet train subs in for some … Continue reading

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Disparaging District doormen

Editor’s note: Back by popular demand, the crankiest of them all, thesnerd, is back! If you met me I wouldn’t strike you as a typical club dude. I do, however, happen to frequent these normally obscenely loud, pretentious, douchebearing venues … Continue reading

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Bro way, dude! BroCon comes to Broltimore

Bro DiMaggio, Bro Diddly, Broseph and the TechniBroler DreamBroat, LeBro James and Tom Brokaw rejoice: BroCon is coming to Broltimore. The nation’s Bros are not yet aware that the term has become as pejorative as “hipster”: Sure, I’m a Bro … Continue reading

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Drinking allowed

This inverse graffiti is located behind the world-famous S&J Liquor store, which is the size of a studio apartment but also conveniently outfitted with bulletproof glass and plenty of off-brand snack food. In case there was any question about whether … Continue reading

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