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Washington’s hottest new neighborhood

New York may have its DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and NOLITA (North of Little Italy). Here in Washington we are working on NoMa (North of Massachusetts Avenue)…but a new hot hood is racing up the charts. DUWYMeBri — … Continue reading

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Will a little vermin keep you from your curry?

This month a favorite restaurant (let’s call it Seafood Palace for clarity/humor) ┬áin the Southeast quadrant was shut down for less than two days due to “failure to control vermin.” I don’t feel beholden to out the actual name of … Continue reading

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More on journalism’s Internet viability

In a recent New Yorker profile, writer Ben McGrath gets the inside scoop on Nick Denton, who owns Gawker, a chain of blogs that really has revolutionized Internet news. Some might take exception to the sites being called news, but … Continue reading

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More than just 230 miles separate D.C., New York sports scenes

On Oct. 26 I was in New York City, preparing for the bodacious bus ride back to Washington, D.C. I know, I know, the rats/pizza/bagels are so much better in New York City. But you know what isn’t? The NFL … Continue reading

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