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Want to learn to love the Nats? Hate the Phils first

The quickest way to become a Nationals fan is to attend a game against the Phillies at Nationals Park. I was there on Saturday, the most-attended game ever at South Capitol Street. As you may know, 90 percent were Phillies … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Why Nationals are preferable to Senators

Thumbing through The Team by Team Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball, I discovered a couple little-known (to me at least) tidbits about Washington’s baseball nicknames, by way of the current Minnesota Twins franchise. The 1901 incarnation of Washington baseball moved … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part one

This list is entirely subjective and also pretty stupid. I don’t care. Walter Pincus has won a Pulitzer and I respect what he does, but don’t read everything he writes. These writers, in no particular order, I never miss…(See parts two … Continue reading

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Ol’ Jayson ‘what’s his’ Werth

by Squirrel Master On a cold, windy Sunday in the most powerful city in the world, when the Redskins again proved that they-are-what-we-thought-they-were, the Wizards continued their road-woes and the Terrapins of Maryland were sloppier than a Ben’s Chili Dog, … Continue reading

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Will ESPN give D.C. some local love?

ESPN has a Miami Heat-only section to their Web page. The Heat Index. As of now, ESPN does not have a “Wizard’s Spells” page for D.C.’s basketball team. With city-specific pages for Boston, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago, … Continue reading

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