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Is a 90-minute transit commute really a benchmark to shoot for?

A Brookings report says that the D.C. area is ranked 17th on America’s list of of systems by accessibility. Immediately easy to dispel a report that ranks New York’s as the 13th-best. Have you seen the subway? It’s the 10th … Continue reading

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D.C.’s summers: How legendary are they?

Blink and you might have missed spring. Or so it feels like this week, with D.C. temperatures routinely cracking 80 degrees and AC units getting their first workout. The temperature should drop later this week, but by late May we … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part three

See parts one and two. 7. John Kelly: In case you couldn’t tell by my subjects, this is the job I want: Metro humor columnist. Too bad this position will likely be extinct in a few years, the result millions of … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part two

See parts one and three. 4. Tom Sietsema: The food critic is quick with his wit and on top of restaurant openings, chef comings and goings and hosts can’t-miss weekly chats on Wednesdays. My only complaint is that he doesn’t … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part one

This list is entirely subjective and also pretty stupid. I don’t care. Walter Pincus has won a Pulitzer and I respect what he does, but don’t read everything he writes. These writers, in no particular order, I never miss…(See parts two … Continue reading

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Epic take-down of Andray Blatche

In the latest incarnation of the Washington Wizards (post-playoff era) the two players who have routinely gotten my goat are Nick Young and Andray Blatche. United by their volume shooting and questionable shot selection, Blatche and Young are now the … Continue reading

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It’s so crowded. It’s so hot. It’s so slow. (The Metro).

Why people are willing to put up with crowding on our Metro system is beyond me. Save for heading home on the Orange Line or Red Line during rush hour, there are ways to mitigate many of the annoyances in … Continue reading

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