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Baltimore’s baseball and nature homonym

Long before Charm City was blessed with the birds, there have been Baltimore Orioles. Trying to identify the sleek, iridescent visitor to our backyard (likely a Rusty Blackbird) I was digging into my handy-dandy “Sibley Field To Birds,” complete with … Continue reading

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The Maryland melting pot of diversity

After D.C. then Virginia census results were reported, the anecdotal evidence that the D.C. region is even more diverse than when I first visited 10 years ago became objective. But the real news dropped Thursday: Maryland, one of the most … Continue reading

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When in Bowie, do as the Bowians do

Washington Post writer Paul Schwartzman either coined or gathered one of the best new slang phrases in the DMV on Tuesday in his story about gathering paranoia in Prince George’s County: …the “Prince George’s handshake.” “You know,” Hendershot said with … Continue reading

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Public supports Wizards name change to Bullets

In a highly unofficial poll, 82 percent of about 7,000 Washington Post voters said the Washington Wizards should change their name back to Bullets. New owner Ted Leonsis has hinted at the name change, too. Wizards. That’s a terrible name. … Continue reading

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We get it, Adrian Fenty is aloof

This excellent piece about what went wrong in Adrian Fenty’s reelection campaign (umm, a lot) refers to the soon-to-be ex-mayor as, for the umpteenth time, aloof. As the 2010 Democratic primary campaign arrived, the mayor’s instinct told him that his … Continue reading

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D.C.’s dirty words

Two words I never grew up with: hipster and gentrification. This is likely a result of the declining fortunes of most of New England, which has trouble supporting the conditions that permit the use of these terms. The words, widely … Continue reading

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The airing of errors

First: 1,000,000 hat tips to DCist on this one. They were way ahead of me when they highlighted this correction on TBD’s site. But I’m going to write about it anyway. At the very beginning of the process of explaining … Continue reading

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