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Courtland Milloy plagiarizes himself

An interruption from my series on Barracks Rows’ exploding restaurant scene so as not to bore y’all. The final two segments will run Friday and and some time next week. Judging by his third column on the need to change … Continue reading

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Will ESPN give D.C. some local love?

ESPN has a Miami Heat-only section to their Web page. The Heat Index. As of now, ESPN does not have a “Wizard’s Spells” page for D.C.’s basketball team. With city-specific pages for Boston, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago, … Continue reading

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Best job in Washington now open

Update: To all the peeps coming in from a link automatically generated at the bottom of the Post’s Rob Pegoraro and his departure letter, I don’t think the media beat at the Post is open anymore. I wrote that post … Continue reading

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Maryland voters should shrug off Red, Blue parties and see Purple

Metro has made suburban Maryland a more dense, pleasant place to live. There are 12 lanes available to Montgomery drivers on I-270, but there are also frequent trains all the way out from Shady Grove to the center of the … Continue reading

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LaVar Arrington questions Shanahan, takes perspective of belligerent fans

I’ll keep this quick. Blowing up LaVar Arrington’s argument should be easier than making fun of the Green Line in a Remy rap video. I hope FJM-ing him does not become a weekly occurrence. Yesterday, Arrington wrote, well, a bunch … Continue reading

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The worst degrees that pay more than journalism

Yahoo! loves to hit me with stupid lists. I see some foolish collection of nonsense on their homepage, invariably click it, then boil over with rage moments later. We’ve all seen the best-paying college degrees list. Now we get to … Continue reading

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Tale of two big men

Albert Haynesworth failed his sprinting test. On Thursday. And Friday. Adam Dunn came to the Nationals and learned a new position. He’s now a serviceable first baseman. Albert Haynesworth skipped mini-camps, demanded a trade and took a lot of money … Continue reading

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