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DJ B-Money: Northeastern Pioneer

More loopage, but dang if Khari’s bass line doesn’t sound so good over and over. And I realize the Clipse isn’t really a D.C. group, but it is extremely difficult to find any local rappers’ acapellas. Tabi, X.O., Phil Ade, … Continue reading

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DJ B-Money: 202 meets 412

Update: The reviews are in. Fat Boy says “Nice track.” This track is really creating a buzz now. A bit contrived, this maddeningly unpolished track joins Uncalled 4 Band with Pittsburgh Wiz Khalifa. The litany of samples are from UCB’s … Continue reading

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Tabi Bonney: ‘Get’ him while you can

Langdon Park’s Tabi Bonney has an ear for beats. Starting with the “The Pocket,” his four-year-old track and biggest single to date, the man simply puts out songs that will make you move. So why isn’t anyone dancing? His new-ish … Continue reading

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Diggin’ in the crates: Tabi Bonney’s 2009 effort was ‘Dope’

Need some feel good music for the waning days of warmth? Tabi Bonney’s 2009 release “Dope” fits the bill, a fantastic brick-city soundtrack to our last gasp of Native American summer. Apologies to Tabi, of D.C.’s Langdon neighborhood. Though a … Continue reading

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A rapper’s list of DMV hometown nicknames

Adapted from a recent online conversation with thesnerd Bodymore, Murdaland.The Rotten Apple. Pittsburgh, Pistolvania. As an aspiring rapper, it is important to make your hometown seem as tough as possible. So for all you rappers coming up all over the … Continue reading

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Wale’s greatest hits

Since crack Redskins columnist denistheruski is so confident in his team’s ability to beat the Rams this weekend that he didn’t feel the need to write anything, let’s go with something fun this weekend: A chronological “best of” playlist from … Continue reading

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Shouting out D.C. pretty easy, believe me

D.C. MP3. ABC. It’s an easy city name to rhyme. Certainly more versatile lyrically than words like Washington or the District. Hell, it rhymes with any word that contains a hard “E” sound. It’s also a big city with a … Continue reading

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