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At the Washington D.C. DMV, the customer is wrong

When one changes addresses within the District of Columbia, one isĀ supposed to update one’s driver’s license to reflect one’s new domicile. So, my Wonderful Girlfriend did this. She changed her license in order to take a medical licensing test — … Continue reading

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Could 311 be in jeopardy?

Returning home the other night at 8 p.m., I noticed a gurgle of water coming up from the street. Thinking little of it, I went inside my crib and finished my shift. 4.5 hours later the gurgle had turned into … Continue reading

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Stop tuning out the murders in Prince George’s

Update: There are now 12 people killed in the county. Also, the Post wrote a round-up of the crime spate on A1. Unfortunately, still haven’t heard anything from our political leaders on this issue. 11 days, 11 dead. Depressing. Outrageous. … Continue reading

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We get it, Adrian Fenty is aloof

This excellent piece about what went wrong in Adrian Fenty’s reelection campaign (umm, a lot) refers to the soon-to-be ex-mayor as, for the umpteenth time, aloof. As the 2010 Democratic primary campaign arrived, the mayor’s instinct told him that his … Continue reading

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Could voters be THAT lazy?

One thing not discussed in the lamestream media about Mayor Adrian Fenty’s loss to Vincent Gray in yesterday’s Democratic primary was ballot placement. When I voted early at Hine Middle School last week, Vincent Gray was the first choice at … Continue reading

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