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DJ B-Money: Northeastern Pioneer

More loopage, but dang if Khari’s bass line doesn’t sound so good over and over. And I realize the Clipse isn’t really a D.C. group, but it is extremely difficult to find any local rappers’ acapellas. Tabi, X.O., Phil Ade, … Continue reading

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DJ B-Money: 202 meets 412

Update: The reviews are in. Fat Boy says “Nice track.” This track is really creating a buzz now. A bit contrived, this maddeningly unpolished track joins Uncalled 4 Band with Pittsburgh Wiz Khalifa. The litany of samples are from UCB’s … Continue reading

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DJ B-Money: Where You At? (DC)

After a year hiatus, I have been back in the lab. Now with a bit of an outlet to move music, here’s some of that new D.C. ish. The musical sample is from Backyard Band’s “Rock Creek.” I would love … Continue reading

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This bro almost got tased

On Saturday night just down the street, the DMV Bounce Beat Teen Awards at D.C. Armory were held. Though I skew more towards the jazzy beats of Northeast Groovers and Backyard Band, I defend and explain go-go in the face of … Continue reading

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Go-go: The message IS the music

The much-maligned go-go genre is always fending off criticism: It’s too violent, too regional, too underground. Whatever. Can’t music just be fun to listen to? Yes. And that’s what go-go is to me — fun — the other stuff is … Continue reading

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Silver Spring exports its violent Chuck Brown concert to D.C.n

Silver Spring needs to protect itself from go-go playing terrorist attack. Thus, Chuck Brown will play in D.C. on Friday in a simulcast (93.9) album release party rather than stain the reputation of a block that boasts the indelible McGinty’s … Continue reading

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What the hell are you talking about: Jay-Z

A few years back, a popular mix circulated among Internet-savvy hip-hop heads called “I’m not a writer, I’m a biter.” The mix plays various well-known hip-hop lyrics, Jay-Z’s near identical follows. A very simple example: B.G.: Cash Money is an … Continue reading

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