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D.C. Carnival channels the city’s inner small town USA

When you live in a (near?) World-class city, spinning rides and heaping plates of fried carbs served in a blistering parking lot seems like a tough draw. It is. The D.C. Summer Carnival was posted up outside RFK Stadium for … Continue reading

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The rare Metro station manager food and drink scold

I have been riding the Metro system for nine years now. Despite the blaring headlines created by the 2003 arrest of a girl eating french fries in a Metro Station, I am essentially resolved to the slovenly nature of my … Continue reading

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In Hill East, a store for every corner

Though Hill East is but a few blocks from the heart of Capitol Hill, living in the area makes one more aware of the retail situation, which generally means Hill East’s ubiquitous corner stores. While Capitol Hill proper surely has its … Continue reading

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Do not be fooled. The newish Penn Quarter establishment Merzi is from top to bottom the same concept as Chipotle, and in most ways, the same food, a vaguely spicy lump of soggy carbs slathered onto a cardboard tray/trough, rather … Continue reading

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A more lively Barracks Row: Ay Ba Bay!

After living on Barracks Row for 18 months, it is amazing to reflect on the changes in the neighborhood as I move a few blocks east.  I wish there was some way to uncover recent photos of a less-developed neighborhood … Continue reading

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Will a little vermin keep you from your curry?

This month a favorite restaurant (let’s call it Seafood Palace for clarity/humor)  in the Southeast quadrant was shut down for less than two days due to “failure to control vermin.” I don’t feel beholden to out the actual name of … Continue reading

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Barracks Row breakfasts, via Adams Morgan

During election week, a note from local homeowners was delivered to our address encouraging Barracks Row’s neighbors to protest the alcohol licenses for a Middle Eastern restaurant and sushi bar coming to 8th Street SE. The defining phrases of the letter: … Continue reading

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