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Get off my blacktop

Apologies for infrequent posting — that’s just going to be the way it is for the foreseeable future. Anyway… Got to kill some time in an alley or off the-beaten-path corner of the city? Here, let me brainstorm some ideas … Continue reading

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Is a 90-minute transit commute really a benchmark to shoot for?

A Brookings report says that the D.C. area is ranked 17th on America’s list of of systems by accessibility. Immediately easy to dispel a report that ranks New York’s as the 13th-best. Have you seen the subway? It’s the 10th … Continue reading

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Jumbo slice: Good. Jumbo slice: Bad.

The pros and cons of living on Barracks Row. Pro: Easy access to 24-hour 7/11 for eggs, milk, taquitos, jumbo spicy bites. Con: Front lawn becomes receptacle for 7/11 customers. Pro: 7/11 panhandlers will take any Bermuda quarters or Canadian … Continue reading

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How DMV employers influence our lifestyles

Upon filling out some forms for a new job at my new inside-the-Beltway employer, I was presented with a pair of commuting options. I could: a) Pay over $1,000 a year for a parking space. OR b) GET paid a … Continue reading

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Say goodbye to 295, I-495, Independence Avenue and friends

On Wednesday, I said goodbye to an old standby: The auto commute. No longer will I have to circumnavigate the Beltway or zip up the left lane of the BW Parkway, trying to break the standing Capitol Hill-Laurel record of … Continue reading

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