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Washington D.C. on July 4 — Around the city

In no particular order, seen and heard: – A teenage boy chasing his friend with a lit and firing Roman candle around the Stadium-Armory Metro station, the rest of their group laughing as the runner screamed for his life. – … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Why Nationals are preferable to Senators

Thumbing through The Team by Team Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball, I discovered a couple little-known (to me at least) tidbits about Washington’s baseball nicknames, by way of the current Minnesota Twins franchise. The 1901 incarnation of Washington baseball moved … Continue reading

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The Maryland melting pot of diversity

After D.C. then Virginia census results were reported, the anecdotal evidence that the D.C. region is even more diverse than when I first visited 10 years ago became objective. But the real news dropped Thursday: Maryland, one of the most … Continue reading

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Silver Spring exports its violent Chuck Brown concert to D.C.n

Silver Spring needs to protect itself from go-go playing terrorist attack. Thus, Chuck Brown will play in D.C. on Friday in a simulcast (93.9) album release party rather than stain the reputation of a block that boasts the indelible McGinty’s … Continue reading

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The curiosity of cats and humans

We have had a most adventurous house guest the past few days: a young cat, whose curiosity is equaled only by his nervousness. He has been great fun to watch as he explores his surroundings, then retreats from them immediately. … Continue reading

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Sharks circling the Potomac River

While it would be great to see a massive gila monster or some such creature in D.C., I would settle for a tiburon. Bull sharks have been caught in the Potomac around St. Mary’s County this week and can swim … Continue reading

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Ward 6: Beyond Barracks Row and H Street, part one

The bulk of attention that Ward 6’s transforming landscape receives are centered on two areas: restaurant-focused Barracks Row (8th Street SE) and its edgier northern cousin H Street NE. Near Southeast/Ballpark District/Capitol Riverfront/Navy Yard even has its own meticulous chronicler, … Continue reading

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