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B-Money likes this: D.C. police walking the beat

The D.C. police are an easy target. The MPD questionably shoots teenagers, burgles houses (and gets arrested) and for reasons I will never understand, sits in the speed camera cars that work automatically while watching movies on their laptop. But … Continue reading

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Drinking allowed

This inverse graffiti is located behind the world-famous S&J Liquor store, which is the size of a studio apartment but also conveniently outfitted with bulletproof glass and plenty of off-brand snack food. In case there was any question about whether … Continue reading

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The rare Metro station manager food and drink scold

I have been riding the Metro system for nine years now. Despite the blaring headlines created by the 2003 arrest of a girl eating french fries in a Metro Station, I am essentially resolved to the slovenly nature of my … Continue reading

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This bro almost got tased

On Saturday night just down the street, the DMV Bounce Beat Teen Awards at D.C. Armory were held. Though I skew more towards the jazzy beats of Northeast Groovers and Backyard Band, I defend and explain go-go in the face of … Continue reading

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Sometimes the cheapest ideas are best

Given the choice between wrought iron bars 0r a security system in Washington, my preference is the iron cage. I want to just keep everyone out, damned the aesthetics, rather than get notified that someone is stealing everything from me. What … Continue reading

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Stop tuning out the murders in Prince George’s

Update: There are now 12 people killed in the county. Also, the Post wrote a round-up of the crime spate on A1. Unfortunately, still haven’t heard anything from our political leaders on this issue. 11 days, 11 dead. Depressing. Outrageous. … Continue reading

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Courtland Milloy plagiarizes himself

An interruption from my series on Barracks Rows’ exploding restaurant scene so as not to bore y’all. The final two segments will run Friday and and some time next week. Judging by his third column on the need to change … Continue reading

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