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Disparaging District doormen

Editor’s note: Back by popular demand, the crankiest of them all, thesnerd, is back! If you met me I wouldn’t strike you as a typical club dude. I do, however, happen to frequent these normally obscenely loud, pretentious, douchebearing venues … Continue reading

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Don’t judge a bar by its cover

Today was the best weather day the city has seen so far this year. Beg to differ and you must not be a DMV native. Low 70’s, sunny, and a nice cool breeze to boot. Perfect baseball weather. Ironically enough, … Continue reading

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Bro way, dude! BroCon comes to Broltimore

Bro DiMaggio, Bro Diddly, Broseph and the TechniBroler DreamBroat, LeBro James and Tom Brokaw rejoice: BroCon is coming to Broltimore. The nation’s Bros are not yet aware that the term has become as pejorative as “hipster”: Sure, I’m a Bro … Continue reading

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Savage Love columnist finds sage advice in Cornerstone

Savage Love columnist Dan Savage was scheduled to speak at the University of Maryland recently, but was sidelined by our epic snow storm a couple weeks back and didn’t make his speech. I guess nobody told him Cornerstone is the … Continue reading

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If not the worst bar in D.C., at least a contender

In my career of going to and even writing reviews of bars, I have been to some awful, awful places. Bad music, cover charges, dress codes, ridiculously priced drinks,¬†people with no teeth blowing cigarettes in my face, I really felt … Continue reading

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How we treat our most vulnerable

Walking to the Metro from The Brickskeller in Dupont Circle over the weekend, I witnessed a woman quietly attempting to sell Street Sense newspaper. It was after midnight, an unusual time to sell newspapers, sure, but certainly some people become … Continue reading

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The Georgetown Cupcake-ification of The Tune Inn

The Tune Inn, on the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE,¬† is a fantastic Capitol Hill bar, maybe the best. Greasy, but fantastic food, pitchers of beer and divey decor complete the scene, which is generally stocked with middle-aged drunks … Continue reading

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