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Saturday sports madness

1. McNabb/Grossman: I’ll take Boswell’s “Mike Shanahan wears two hats and should add a third – dunce cap” over Jenkins’ Shanahan apologist column. McNabb is not the problem, skipped throws and all, and neither was Jason Campbell. 2. Arenas/Carter/Turkoglu: Right now … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of Gilbert Arenas’s…web statistics

Does a story get popular because a lot of people write about it, or does a popular story just get picked up by a lot of people? I made a mistake the other day. I wrote about Gilbert Arenas  faking … Continue reading

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Step into the boneheaded Arena(s)

Update: Arenas has been fined by Flip. Gilbert Arenas faked an injury so Nick Young, the one-dimensional scorer from USC, could get some run in a preseason game. I told him I’ll go and fake an injury or say something’s … Continue reading

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Washington Wizards preview, NBA 2K franchise mode edition

    If you were running the Washington Wizards as a video game franchise —which is the closest pontificating writers will ever get to running a major league franchise — how would you split the minutes? There are 240 minutes … Continue reading

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Piling on: Arenas unsubtly suggests trade in future

If Gilbert Arenas is angling for a trade away from the Wizards, he is going about it the wrong way. GMs for other teams want to see two things: Results and good health. He likely needs to play an entire, … Continue reading

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