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The Coors Light rail system

What does my four-times-a-week Metro commute have in common with the Coors Light Silver Bullet train? Not much. This NBA playoffs, that cool refreshing locomotive is motoring its way into every broadcast. Usually the bullet train subs in for some … Continue reading

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Twitter marketing, the old fashioned way

Had to stop and pause in Shadium-Armory Station the other day. There’s a lot of graffiti in D.C., but this seemed notable, not for its quality, more for its audacity. Deface public property…so someone will follow you on Twitter? @PaidInFullBoy … Continue reading

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Metro encourages coffee-sloshing anarchy in Rosslyn

It is illegal to eat or drink on the Washington Metro. But that hasn’t stopped WMATA from allowing an advertisement that blatantly advocates breaking the law. Below is a Green Mountain Coffee advertisement currently found on the lower level of … Continue reading

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Holiday CARols

This is what happens when your commercial’s audio is not handled professionally. In this case, a little mastering in the studio would have been money well-spent. This makes me pine for Eastern Motors. And, it’s festive!

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The unfair realities of online journalism

In the third quarter of this year, Facebook captured almost a quarter of Internet advertising views, according to The Washington Post. That translates to 297 billion ad impressions. While that stat is impressive, the one that jumps out more immediately … Continue reading

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For sale: College degree. Must ride Metro. Cheap!

Oh Graduate School, I thought you had really done it after viewing an advertisement depicting the most fake text message ever. Now, you’ve entered a new contender for the throne. Which is worse? Judge for yourself: You did an outstanding … Continue reading

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