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In case you were wondering, my current job responsibilities suck enough words per day out of me to pretty much exhaust any writer-ly creativity I have left in my bones. That’s not to say I won’t write again in this … Continue reading

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Lights out, where the sun never sets

Sometimes, the intensity of D.C. just saps my own energy. Often the best way to re-absorb the city’s vibe is just to take a walk and soak it all on. The garishly painted rowhouses, alley cats, friendly and (unfriendly) people … Continue reading

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Drunktank, DCCranktank the same thing to Google

There are a million different strategies to increase your web traffic, but almost all of them rely on getting Google to spit up your site at the top of its search queries. Even though this blog has been around for … Continue reading

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Confessions of a so-called hipster

Here is a conversation between myself and a girl I know: me:  are you going to the show tomorrow night, Arctic Monkeys 930 club? GirlIKnow:  nope didnt even know they were here me:  you just lost like 15 hipster points … Continue reading

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The power of a referral

What can Greater Greater Washington do for you? Quite a bit, if you are a blogger and the Washington urbanist powerhouse picks up one of your posts. Last week, a quick hit I did on the tear down of a … Continue reading

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Programming note

DCCrankTank will gradually be shifting its coverage ever so slightly — away from daily posting and reactive blogging (basically, a chore) to a slower pace with hopefully more photos and interactive elements. That will start tomorrow. I encourage all co-writers … Continue reading

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Taking a stand

It’s supposed to be 70 degrees out today in D.C. I can not condone blogging or reading blogs if you can avoid it. If you have time to check this site, you have time to step outside and breath the … Continue reading

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