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Alley etiquette

You wouldn’t know it, but there is a proper way to speed through an alley in your car. At least, that’s what some of my neighbors think. These aren’t the whimsical ways I waxed poetically about in previous missives, a … Continue reading

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Growth in Northern Virginia, divided along county borders

The Arlington corridor between Rosslyn and Ballston absorbed more of Northern Virginia’s population growth in the past 10 years than the Broadlands area of Loudoun County, despite the fact that all of Arlington’s growth was infill development, while in Loudoun … Continue reading

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Metro ridership, gas prices will go up with the temperatures

Your fearless cranktank takes a can’t-lose stab at Memorial Day, now just four months and a week away. Can’t wait. Until then…some predictions: 1. On or before Memorial Day we will read a bunch of articles and see a host … Continue reading

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Post editorial board: No to Cali high-speed rail

The Washington Post is against the high-speed rail plan in California, specifically because it is “a stretch connecting not, say, Los Angeles and Anaheim but two obscure locations in the state’s rural Central Valley”: We have our doubts about the … Continue reading

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Wait, the ICC wasn’t Smart?

In the face of being “America in Miniature,” offering beautiful beaches, mountains and cities, the much-publicized “Smart Growth” state is anything but, according to the Baltimore Sun. In its most comprehensive review to date, the University of Maryland’s National Center … Continue reading

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How DMV employers influence our lifestyles

Upon filling out some forms for a new job at my new inside-the-Beltway employer, I was presented with a pair of commuting options. I could: a) Pay over $1,000 a year for a parking space. OR b) GET paid a … Continue reading

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Say goodbye to 295, I-495, Independence Avenue and friends

On Wednesday, I said goodbye to an old standby: The auto commute. No longer will I have to circumnavigate the Beltway or zip up the left lane of the BW Parkway, trying to break the standing Capitol Hill-Laurel record of … Continue reading

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