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Fatboy’s take, March 11, 2011: Wisconsin’s solidarity


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Cures for the BCS’s ills

Every year we get the same thing in College Football.  We get an argument over who is in the National Championship, an argument that the bowl system is super crooked and that we need playoffs and we usually get some … Continue reading

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Courtland Milloy plagiarizes himself

An interruption from my series on Barracks Rows’ exploding restaurant scene so as not to bore y’all. The final two segments will run Friday and and some time next week. Judging by his third column on the need to change … Continue reading

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EC who? Fridge leads Maryland one last time

I was taken aback when I thought I had magically time-traveled to the Eighteenth century Caribbean. My car doesn’t have a flux-capacitator, does it? We didn’t even hit eighty-eight miles per hour! Jolly Rogers flying as far as the eye … Continue reading

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Saturday sports madness

1. McNabb/Grossman: I’ll take Boswell’s “Mike Shanahan wears two hats and should add a third – dunce cap” over Jenkins’ Shanahan apologist column. McNabb is not the problem, skipped throws and all, and neither was Jason Campbell. 2. Arenas/Carter/Turkoglu: Right now … Continue reading

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Yo Wizards and Redskins ‘fans’, go boo yourselves

–by the Squirrel Master When the Verizon Center made the decision to show the hometown quarterback of a storied yet struggling franchise, Donovan McNabb was received at Tuesday’s Wizards-Lakers game with “a stunning amount of boos.” According to the Steinbog, some put the number of … Continue reading

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Replacing a kicker is GaNO problem

How fitting that the week after Michael Leahy’s fantastic look into the life of an NFL placekicker, Washington Redskins kicker Graham Gano finds his job on the line. Mike Shanahan won’t say as much, but on Tuesday the Skins brought … Continue reading

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