In case you were wondering, my current job responsibilities suck enough words per day out of me to pretty much exhaust any writer-ly creativity I have left in my bones. That’s not to say I won’t write again in this space — I don’t want it to be one of those “the end” type things. But for now, I have exiled myself, for better or worse.

There’s no way I would have found my strenuous lower-middle class job (I jest…it’s actually pretty cool) without this blog and the many dozens of readers it has accrued, so those that argue budding journalists shouldn’t write for free can suck it. Anyone with that sentiment does not know what it is like to enter the journalism job market with little experience.

Finally, I would just like to come full circle and exclaim that yes, indeed, I finally lured monkeyrotica, the famous DC-blog commenter, onto DCCrankTank. His comment can be seen here. Thanks again.

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