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The porous Potomac

Couldn’t help but snap a picture of these two U.S. Border Patrol agents who crossed under the Potomac from D.C. to Virginia with me. Lord knows what sort of apprehension mission they were on; hopefully trying to prevent unwanted Virginians … Continue reading

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Washington, D.C.: A guide to awkward conversations

Everyone at some point will find themselves chilling at a party or an event where they don’t know anyone. One minute one is lingering on the fringes of conversation comfortably, cool drink in hand. And then all eyes turn: Your … Continue reading

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Sprucing up

In the past I wondered aloud (on the Internet) whether the crappy stores in my neck of the woods would go out of business, a la Eastern Thrifty Market, or adapt to a more upscale clientele that is undeniably moving … Continue reading

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Drunktank, DCCranktank the same thing to Google

There are a million different strategies to increase your web traffic, but almost all of them rely on getting Google to spit up your site at the top of its search queries. Even though this blog has been around for … Continue reading

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