Washington D.C. on July 4 — Around the city

View from Cardozo. Photo by denistheruski.

View from Cardozo. Photo by denistheruski.

In no particular order, seen and heard:

– A teenage boy chasing his friend with a lit and firing Roman candle around the Stadium-Armory Metro station, the rest of their group laughing as the runner screamed for his life.

– A mischievous girl poking firework watchers with an umbrella to the delight of her older comrades.

– Bike police pausing to watch massive mortars — illegally — rocketed into the air. “Well, I guess I will go chase that one.”

– The spread of disinformation by cab drivers: “The Metro closes at 1:30 a.m. tonight.” By the way, here’s my card if it actually closes at midnight like it normally does….

– A man wearing nothing but a tank top and what can be best be described as a thong-in-back, sock-in-front set of underpants at Wonderland Ballroom.

– Spotted: Unidentified troublemakers sliding half-consumed wine bottles through the grate of Wonderland’s outdoor patio and consuming them in what can only be described as “French shots.” The result — shirts considered optional by one of the wine sneakers.

– A water trickling sound heard around midnight on A Street SE. The source? A grown man relieving himself off his own front porch into his own front yard.

-Thousands of people of all ages and races cheering together for the amazing national fireworks show as well as all the informal neighborhood shows that continued into the night.

– Great idea: Market D.C.’s Independence Day as THE place to be on the Fourth. Close some of the nightlife heavy streets and allow open container-style celebrating. Chances of that happening: About as good the police officer mentioned above locating the source of the mortar.

– Fireworks being set off at all hours on July 3, 4 and yes, even 5. Hey, gotta do something with the leftovers!

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