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Alley etiquette

You wouldn’t know it, but there is a proper way to speed through an alley in your car. At least, that’s what some of my neighbors think. These aren’t the whimsical ways I waxed poetically about in previous missives, a … Continue reading

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Interesting alleys: Miller’s/Frederick Douglass Court

┬áLast in a series Perhaps one of the most stunning things about D.C. are the interesting vistas seemingly everywhere, created by L’Enfant’s grid that allows streets to follow perfectly straight routes for blocks and blocks. Because most of these streets … Continue reading

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D.C. Carnival channels the city’s inner small town USA

When you live in a (near?) World-class city, spinning rides and heaping plates of fried carbs served in a blistering parking lot seems like a tough draw. It is. The D.C. Summer Carnival was posted up outside RFK Stadium for … Continue reading

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Fatboy returns! July 14, 2011: Darth Murdoch

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Washington’s hottest new neighborhood

New York may have its DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and NOLITA (North of Little Italy). Here in Washington we are working on NoMa (North of Massachusetts Avenue)…but a new hot hood is racing up the charts. DUWYMeBri — … Continue reading

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Interesting alleys: South of East Capitol

Fourth in a┬áseries Unlike Gessford Court, F Street Terrace and Kings Court, this unnamed alley seems to be neither historically nor economically notable. In fact, I can’t even identify a name for it. We’ll go with East Capitol alley for … Continue reading

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Chipotle coming to Barracks Row

Casual chain dining is embracing Barracks Row. With a committee vote down and a full zoning commission vote impending, it appears the Chinatown-ification (and not the previously loathed Adams-Morgifying threatened last year by the area’s ANC) of Capitol Hill’s main … Continue reading

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