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Interesting alleys: Kings Court

Third in a series Alleys are the city’s backstage. In just the past few days, I have seen kids shooting craps and listening to music, people fixing cars and legions of Hill East alley cats in the often unique passages … Continue reading

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D.C. sightseeing tour: Trinkets and lottery tickets

Update: Incidentally, now the convenience story appears to be on its last legs, fresh signs proclaiming that everything is 75 percent off. Perhaps the owner is taking her profits and hitting the lamb; i.e. it was good while it lasted. … Continue reading

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Interesting alleys: F Street Terrace and the Archibald Walk

Second in a series To the west of the Anacostia River, there is no F Street SE. There is however, an F Street Terrace, a one block alley that runs in the same direction as the city’s numbered streets and … Continue reading

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Move further away to avoid traffic

File the above advertisement under ridiculous. Trying to entice Metro commuters to live in West Virgina — who conceivably would work in the D.C. area if they are riding the Metro — the state puts forth this message: “Less traffic … Continue reading

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Interesting alleys: Gessford Court

First in a series One of the most interesting things about Washington’s alleys are the hints of the past they still hold onto. In the older parts of the city, these passages hold onto well over a hundred years of … Continue reading

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The Rosslyn designated smoking area

Riding the Metro and feeling the pangs of a nicotine fix? No fear Orange and Blue line riders, the solution can’t be too far away; just head to Rosslyn. There, the¬†architecture¬†of the indoor/outdoor station works in concert with people rippin’ … Continue reading

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DJ B-Money: Northeastern Pioneer

More loopage, but dang if Khari’s bass line doesn’t sound so good over and over. And I realize the Clipse isn’t really a D.C. group, but it is extremely difficult to find any local rappers’ acapellas. Tabi, X.O., Phil Ade, … Continue reading

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