Confessions of a so-called hipster

Here is a conversation between myself and a girl I know:

me:  are you going to the show tomorrow night, Arctic Monkeys 930 club?
GirlIKnow:  nope
didnt even know they were here
me:  you just lost like 15 hipster points
it’s a 100 point scale
i’m the ultimate judge
which is pretty hipster of me
maybe someone who is preppy should be the judge
because that would be ironic

::no response::


The latest (?) In hipster wear. Can girls go back to wearing clothes that fit please?

Besides displaying my awesome macking skills I think this properly illustrates that I am probably, at least partially, what people think about when they think of hipsters.  So go ahead, color me Hipster.

Sidenote: I recently posted on facebook that Sex Bob-omb was my new “favourite” band. It was double reference to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Hives 2001 EP “Your new favourite band.” Yea I was feeling extra pretentious that day.

Side, sidenote: Like how I almost assumed she would know the Arctic Monkeys were in town?

But here is my problem: I’ve been like this since about 2003 before I ever heard the word “hipster.”  That’s about the time I started wearing tight clothes and listening to music other than what was on the radio.  I really just wanted to look more like the band members I idolized (at this time that was Cedric Bixler-Zavala/Robert Plant).

Then, around 2005, I started hearing about things like “being ironic,” and “indie” music. I also met this guy, we will call Sam, who absolutely infuriated me.  Sam was known to wear a shirt with his own name on it and white, thong sandals.  He also said stuff like “Their first album was a lot better than their second,” and was one of the first kids I knew to rock a mustache, blerg.  He also wore tight pants.

Don’t worry I also fall prey to plenty of my own hipster stereotypes: I have a vinyl collection, I believe in seeing bands on the way up for $15 tickets rather than later for $50 tickets, until recently I had a beard, I like indie films and also think Mean Streets might be better than Taxi Driver

I guess I just bristle at the idea of being placed in a group like a freaking lemming.  I don’t want to be one of those people that ruins previously cool places, like Dan’s Cafe, WHERE THERE WAS ACTUALLY A LINE RECENTLY.

But then again all those aversions make me fall further into the trap.  I do also have some anti-hipster qualities: I still like bands after they become popular, I’m really into sports, I work out a lot and I passionately follow politics and international affairs.

I’m not trying to say I started this whole thing, I guess all I’m saying is everyone doing this stuff, whatever it is, just to fit in should just hurry up and go die.

Too much?

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1 Response to Confessions of a so-called hipster

  1. Yelitza says:

    WHAT THE SHIT!!!!!!! That was my favorite video since Ice Cube’s Today Was A Good Day. BRAVISIMO. God Damn all I can say is curse words. Fuck yes, That certlinay wasn’t my grandmothers bluegrass

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