The ghost of Mike Bibby will not haunt the Wizards

For an idea of how bad the Washington Wizards were this year, one has to look no further than Boston’s win over Miami on Saturday night, soon to be known as “the one-arm Rondo game.”

Mike Bibby left the Wizards earlier this season after being traded to D.C. by Atlanta. He left 6 million bones on the table that he would have made in 2011-12 to do so. This is money he will not make back. Mike Bibby is washed up and no one will spend the mid-level exception on him. It makes sense that he wanted to play on a playoff team, but this guy is barely an asset. The Wizards certainly didn’t treat him like one during his brief stay in Washington.

Bibby played two games, 29 minutes and made as many field goals (one) as he had turnovers for the Wiz. Groping for any sort of point guard, Miami brought him in to replace Carlos Arroyo (now bench ridden in Boston) and complement (too strong a word?) Mario Chalmers.

Bibby has played decent minutes for the Heat, incredible because he couldn’t get on the court in Washington. It’s not like the Wizards didn’t need help: Eternal spare part Mo Evans was playing big minutes for the team by the end of the season. But here’s Bibby, who is in the twilight’s twilight of his career and thinks so lowly of the Wizards that he is willing to sacrifice a sum that amounts to more than a third of the GDP of proud island nation Tuvalu to get away from the Capital.

Fast-forward three months later and Rajon Rondo, playing with ONE ARM after a freak fall in third quarter, outplayed Mario Chalmers. I mean, this was seriously pathetic. This is the NBA playoffs, not the playground where you take it easy on an overmatched little kid who found his way on the court. Chalmers let one-armed Rondo back him down. “Right this way, Mr. One-armed Rondo.”

I wanted to write that One-armed Rondo schooled Mike Bibby, too. Bibby played some minutes in the first half, but in the second, after Rondo was injured, he couldn’t get on the court. After Delonte West entered the game to replace the reeling Rondo, a minute later Bibby was yanked for Chalmers, never to play again.

Spiky-haired Erik Spoelestra somehow downgraded Bibby in the rotation AFTER Rondo was hurt. That smarts.

Stuck behind John Wall, Bibby wasn’t going to play in D.C., the fourth-worst team this year, so he left an enormous sum of money on the table to escape. You often hear of teams buying guys out when they aren’t a good fit for the squad (or are just declining exponentially. Bibby seemed to be both). This was the opposite. On Saturday, this same guy that couldn’t play on the terrible Wiz, found himself unable to get any run again, this time in the playoffs.

So while the Wizards should feel insulted that even the ghost of Mike Bibby didn’t want to suit up in the white and blue, they are blessed that they don’t have to deal with and pay a guy who was deemed by his coach unable to defend a three-limbed competitor. Mo Evans can at least do that.

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