Don’t judge a bar by its cover

Today was the best weather day the city has seen so far this year. Beg to differ and you must not be a DMV native. Low 70’s, sunny, and a nice cool breeze to boot.

Perfect baseball weather.

Ironically enough, this happened to be the Nationals Umbrella giveaway, a first if my memory serves me correctly. While our home team squandered more opportunities than a guido or guidette might at RJ Bentleys, it was hard to leave Nationals Park dissapointed….until you saw the line at the Metro.

Enter the Bullpen, what I thought was the only place for Nationals pre and post game party until the area actually develops like it was originally supposed to. I hoped the Bullpen would provide a cheap beer, a short wait for the john, and an ideal chill spot until the Metro masses died down.

It provided none of the three. It was extremely crowded with a large amount of waste-faces, expensive Bud Light, long lines for everything, and obnoxiously loud, albeit decently played live music.

No I will not drink with Nomar, from the Washington Times


We left immediately and the Metro crowd was only growing. Alas, we saw a new outdoor venue, “Das Bullpen.” Obviously owned and operated by the aforementioned spot just down Half Street we figured this too would be a study in drunken twenty and thirty somethings.

The only disappointing thing about this spot was the name. The restrooms (Port-a-Johns) were plentiful. People were friendly, not hammered. We could converse without shouting. There was green grass. The beer selection was on-point and on-par with the Nationals Baseline Brews; Stella Artois, Hoegarden, Becks, and Bass to name a few.

Best of all, from our own picnic table, we could actually see the Metro sign just inside the station that provides the wait time until the next train. This provided an opportunity to enjoy the weather, wait for the crowd to slow down but not have to guess and wait underground for fifteen minutes until the next Green line train arrived. A huge plus.

Any name would be better but for now I’ll see you at Das Bullpen.

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1 Response to Don’t judge a bar by its cover

  1. B-Money says:

    Ah the sophistication of “Das.”

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