DJ B-Money: 202 meets 412

Update: The reviews are in. Fat Boy says “Nice track.” This track is really creating a buzz now.

A bit contrived, this maddeningly unpolished track joins Uncalled 4 Band with Pittsburgh Wiz Khalifa. The litany of samples are from UCB’s album “Can U See Beyond” (track 5 — no name handy on it) while the Wiz vocals are from his breakout hit “Pittsburgh Sound,” which admittedly has a fantastic beat on its own.

I didn’t get this track exactly where I wanted it but I got sick of messing with it further, so I am  throwing it up here, seeing as this weekend I will be driving from D.C. to the Steel City. Seems like a reasonable deadline.

Breezing past strip mined cliffs and massive windmills, I’ll throw some Khalifa on once I cross in to Pistolvania, and maybe begrudgingly, some Mac Miller. This track was meant to evoke that four-hour drive between the two cities, which are so close yet so far apart in many ways. It certainly falls short of that, but still cranks, if only a little.

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3 Responses to DJ B-Money: 202 meets 412

  1. FatBoy says:

    You need a hype man. Way too much humility in this post. Nice track.

  2. broskivonbroski says:

    reppin tha 412

  3. Carsonata says:

    This is easy to dig, b-money.

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