Crepes on the Corner coming soon, we swear

I meant to post this tidbit long ago. Crepes on the Corner, which will allegedly be my neighborhood’s first real restaurant (sorry Al’s Pizza, Hong Kong Carryout and Mandarin Cafe) is opening soon. In a month. Or two. Soon, OK!

That’s the gist of a short convo I had with a man who was doing work in the storefront, at 15th and C SE about three weeks ago. Pardon my skepticism: Prince of Petworth reported this place as “coming soon” almost a year ago. At that time, the start-up date aimed for Fall 2010. Construction activity has seemed spotty, at best, ever since.

The restaurant’s Facebook page now says Spring 2011, when we will get “a relaxing neighborhood cafe serving local residents an option for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Also, we can “expect delicious crepes made to order, homemade soups, garden fresh salads, and a great cup of coffee.”

The menu posted long ago looks decent, except for one thing. No prices.

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2 Responses to Crepes on the Corner coming soon, we swear

  1. EnDogg says:

    Not totally true, B-Money. You can add any one of their syrups for only $.25!

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