B-Money likes this: D.C. police walking the beat

The D.C. police are an easy target.

The MPD questionably shoots teenagers, burgles houses (and gets arrested) and for reasons I will never understand, sits in the speed camera cars that work automatically while watching movies on their laptop.

But you know what they also do, especially lately? Walk the beat in Hill East.

Someone was robbed a block away from my residence recently, and since then, there have been more cops — on foot — all over my neighborhood. They are often walking alone, down semi-shady alleys, and I really respect that. I don’t know if the initiative comes down from the top (Police Chief Cathy Lanier) or from the neighborhood, but it gets right at the request I hear from countless D.C. denizens: More police on the beat, please. Not in cars, on foot. Walk in our shoes.

On Barracks Row, cops are everywhere because there are people everywhere. A Street SE is pretty dang quiet most of the time, and even though I firmly believe my neighborhood is “safe,” the level of activity is so low it can sometimes feel sketchy. And at a moment like that, when its dark and the city is forboding, it really is comforting to see that blue jacket approaching you.

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3 Responses to B-Money likes this: D.C. police walking the beat

  1. Carsonata says:

    No matter what we do to make ourselves feel safe and secure, there is nothing more reassuring than to have a cop appear when you are scared, hurt, or feeling threatened. These guys do put their lives on the line again and again for complete strangers. Thanks for reminding us that police officer as savior is a real identity for these regular guys walking their beats.

  2. ET says:

    Saw one today as a matter of fact. He stopped and asked if everything was OK and if I had noticed anything suspicious (not that he seemed to be digging for anything particular)

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