Down goes the eyesore

See ya District of Columbia General.

See ya District of Columbia General.

It’s coming down. Portions of the District of Columbia General Hospital on Independence Avenue SE are making way for some sort of development; I will wait until something is actually constructed here before speculating on what that development may be. Here’s what the west side of the building looks like now, and what most of the building has looked like for a few months.



And here is what the building looked before even that. The hospital apparently closed in 2001 but portions of it have still been in use for some medical activities and even as a homeless shelter.

Never did witness anyone playing at this playground. From Google Maps.

Never did witness anyone playing at this playground. From Google Maps.

As noted before, this area is ripe for development: Near a crucial Metro station, the Anacostia, 295, trails, grocery stores and all Capitol Hill has to offer. But for now, a dense residential neighborhood ends right at 19th Street SE, only to pick back up on the other side of the river. This is a huge gap in the urban fabric that is currently populated by lush green space (keep that, please), parking lots, RFK, a jail and the remnants of a shuttered hospital.

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4 Responses to Down goes the eyesore

  1. Nicoli says:

    Has there been any news on why they decided to start tearing it down now? I’m next to Potomac Ave metro, it would be great to get development into that area.

    • B-Money says:

      Not sure. There’s a link in my post that has some info on grandiose development plans, but I will believe it when I see it.

      Also, Potomac Ave. has a decent little downtown area now. Harris Teetskie, Gamestop, two bars, La Lomita I (II?), Mangialardo’s and a bunch of other things.

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