The DMV: Serving 250 new customers daily

Guess how long it will take about 7,500 people to move to the D.C. area.

About a month, according to a very cool database on the Buffalo Business Journal (Umm, what publication?).

More big-picture notable, according to this database, is that the D.C. metro area (counted separately here from Baltimore) is going to surpass the Philly metro area in population fairly soon. Usually as a country we are talking Nevada this, Texas that when it comes to growth, and that’s all well and good. The East Coast is going to have a hard time competing for newcomers with Dallas and Houston — it’s an economics/weather thing, at least for now.

But D.C. is growing steadily, and faster than Miami and Philly but not Atlanta. And that’s notable because the DMV is quietly becoming one of the largest settlements in North America — a cosmopolitan place that competes handily against every city in the U.S. in one or more areas: Museums, food, public transportation, education, sports (at least in amount of teams if not success) and cultural events. And with the increasing precision of statistics, we can now accurately quantify just how fast that growth is happening.

Back to that 7,500 number. With that amount of people moving to or being born in the metro area in a month, that’s about 250 new warm bodies a day. And what’s amazing is the diversity there, racially yes, but also in the vast variety of neighborhoods and vibes people can choose from. There is something for everyone — townhouses in Damascus, rowhouses in D.C., McMansions, umm everywhere. From Prince George’s to Georgetown to Georgia Avenue to George Mason, generally the trend is upward. There is one neighborhood to grow up in, one to party in, one to raise a family in and one to retire in — if you count Leisure World as a neighborhood.

Bottom line: If you think the traffic/metro/bars are crowded now, it’s not going to get any better. But if you are excited about living in an incredibly diverse, vibrant area, then there’s a lot more good stuff to look forward to.

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