DJ B-Money: Where You At? (DC)

After a year hiatus, I have been back in the lab. Now with a bit of an outlet to move music, here’s some of that new D.C. ish.

The musical sample is from Backyard Band’s “Rock Creek.” I would love to  link to the original song but it, like many things go-go, is neglected on the Internet. The best I can advise is to buy the album “Skillet,” which I did, even though I rarely buy music anymore. It’s that good. Of course the vocals are Mr. Folarin — since I will never see a dime for this chopped-and-screwage, I hope his label is understanding.

And that’s it! I tried to layer more synths and drums over this track but sequencing over go-go music sounds inorganic and rigid. I hope to have some more of this type of D.C.-accented material in the coming weeks and months — for now let me know what you think, spread the love around if you like it and if anyone is interested in an instrumental version, I would be happy to post one.

And, as always, the best way to support tracks like this is to support the original artists — they are the real talent.

Meta update: I have removed the background image for the site — I suspect it was making things load so slowly because it was a huge file. Apologies for how long this site has been taking to load recently.

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1 Response to DJ B-Money: Where You At? (DC)

  1. Carsonata says:

    Loving it! More please…

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