Washington and Baltimore: A tale of two cities

With the rack of Maryland, Virginia and D.C. results from the census, something significant has been lost in the shuffle.

Growing Washington, with close to 602,000 people, is going to surpass shrinking Baltimore, with just under 621,000 people, soon. In the past decade, D.C. added about 30,000 people while B-More lost an equal amount.

The last time Washington was a larger city than Baltimore? Never. Of course the Washington metropolitan area is more populous than Baltimore’s, but in terms of size of each city proper, Charm City has always dwarfed the capital and was once of the largest cities in the United States.

Baltimore’s population dropped by about 4.6 percent in the past decade; D.C. grew 5.2 percent. If those trends continue, in 2020 Washington will have 633,013 residents. Baltimore will boast 592,397 residents.

Will cities that are very different but only a 45 minutes drive from each other continue to grow apart as they did in the past decade?

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