Snowmageddon/SnoMG/Snopocalypse anniversary

‘Twas just a year ago now that we grappled with the epic shutdown of D.C. at the hands of a winter pounding.

Snow my God!

Snow my God!

Despite being from “flinty” New England, I and everyone else must now admit that those successive snow storms were epic enough to generate appropriate nicknames. And though there were fun aspects of those storms, we should be thankful we aren’t dealing with them this year.

The government shut down. Nurses scurried over the Key Bridge to get to Georgetown Hospital. Journalists worked at home on the most obnoxious remote desktop connection ever conceived. Trains were stashed in the Metro — headways peaked at one train per 20 minutes or so. Everyone, from the suburbs to downtown, were inconvenienced in some way. Don’t buy what the smuggest of urbanists are selling. And I am pretty damn smug.

But we dealt, and we should be proud of that. So as we continue to speculate on what happened earlier this year (really, just a huge traffic jam), let’s keep things in perspective a little bit. A few hours stuck in traffic absolutely sucks. But three days of a closed federal government is a different beast altogether.




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