Savage Love columnist finds sage advice in Cornerstone

Savage Love columnist Dan Savage was scheduled to speak at the University of Maryland recently, but was sidelined by our epic snow storm a couple weeks back and didn’t make his speech.

I guess nobody told him Cornerstone is the worst bar — in his defense not a lot of choices these days. Anyway, he was apparently pregraming for his speech (stage fright?) at Cornberbone before he was shut in by the blizzard. In that dingy suckhole, he had an epiphanic glimpse at graffiti in the bathroom (explicit content in this link):

I’d really like to meet the person responsible for some graffiti I spotted in the men’s room at the Cornerstone: “Don’t Raw Dog a Random.”

Delicate translation: Don’t have unprotected sex with a stranger. Savage continues:

That has to be the most effective peer-to-peer safer-sex message I’ve ever read while taking a piss in Maryland.

So even though Duke students like to say us Terps “Fear the classroom;” at least a non-Marylander can see that there is nothing to fear in the bathroom. In fact, in this case, the bathroom is the classroom.

Oh, and Savage couldn’t help but take a dig at Cornerstone’s suckitude, in his own way of course.

I realize that “random” is not gendered… but if you saw this bar, you would know that an exclusively heterosexual clientele can be safely assumed.

Never assume Dan, never assume.

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