If you don’t get it, then get it.

I’ve been a Washington Post “Sundays only” subscriber since I graduated college. For a while I subscribed to the dead-tree edition every day, but found it overwelming and started to associate newspaper reading with a daily chore rather than a daily enjoyment.

In a similar vein, getting through the Sunday paper can be a chore. Two or three years ago, the Sunday paper had to weigh as much as a small child. During football season, much of the Sunday paper was utilized as a tablecloth for wings or ribs. What a waste.

Alas, the WaPo has made a terrific decision. As a Sunday only subscriber, I now recieve much of the paper on Saturday and the remainder on Sunday. Now I can clip my coupons and go grocery shopping on Saturday morning and then come home and read Below the Beltway with a cocktail in the evening. Having an entire extra free day to enjoy the volume of reading has made a great difference to me.

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2 Responses to If you don’t get it, then get it.

  1. B-Money says:

    Come on dude the Mini Page is buried in the Sunday Style section. The jokes remain.

  2. squirrelmstr says:

    Right you are, I guess they’re taking the word page literally.

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