Rallied out on the Metro

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, it is always interesting to see people of all stripes board our train system, take it downtown and yell about whatever particular personal affront has compelled them to travel to D.C. On Monday, thousands of people bused into our outer stations and filtered into the city for March for Life.

Plum tuckered out.

Plum tuckered out.

I commuted to work as the crowds headed home, so I found myself surrounded by exuberant, anti-abortion youngin’s. Some were loud and obnoxious, but the two young ladies above fell asleep as soon as they sat down. It was a big day for them, and after all the excitement, all they wanted was a seat.

It is easy to forget that Washington, D.C., is where ideas crystallize from across a nation of over 300 million people. Notwithstanding one’s stance on this particular issue or countless others, it is awe-inspiring to remember that in some respects, this Diamond District we call home is the center of world’s democracies. And if people are willing to travel hundreds of miles for what they believe in, who am I to complain that their squeaky voices are hurting my ears?

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1 Response to Rallied out on the Metro

  1. Carsonata says:

    Kudos for your message of tolerance. You’re right…watching our freedom of speech at work is a glorious thing to behold, even if you don’t like the song they’re singin’.

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