Sometimes the cheapest ideas are best

Given the choice between wrought iron bars 0r a security system in Washington, my preference is the iron cage. I want to just keep everyone out, damned the aesthetics, rather than get notified that someone is stealing everything from me. What good is that in a city where property crimes are still prevalent in all neighborhoods?

The D.C. burglary closure rate is pretty low too, as it is most everywhere; nationwide there was a 12 percent closure rate for burglaries. So when your alarm alerts police to a breach of your house, there is still an 88 percent chance that nobody will pay for the crime. Not exactly confidence-inducing.

The 65-cent security system.

The 65-cent security system.

Luckily my landlord has us encased behind the metallic walls — thereby HOPEFULLY preventing anyone from messing with our crib because of the increased difficulty of getting inside barred window (knock on wood a million times over). But just in case, he also has put up ADT stickers all over the building, even though we don’t have any ADT security devices.

I have always said this is a great idea but have been too lazy to follow through. When it comes to security systems, what percentage of the devices’ crime deterrence  rates can be attributed simply to having stickers warning of your security system, which you may or may not even have. 80 percent? 90 percent? You only want the criminal to think twice about preying on your stuff, anyway. And that is what the sticker does.

Sometimes the cheapest solutions are the best ones. How to get the general effect of a security system without paying for one? All you really need is the stickers. What’s next — fake iron bars around your windows? That might not be such a bad idea either.

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