Jumbo slice violates more than just your taste buds

After drinking to capacity on U Street NW, the last thing you want to worry about is getting sick from a bite of your Jumbo slice, one of D.C.’s most distinctive wares.

But the Jumbo Slice outpost on Black Broadway was recently sacked for a litany of health code violations, according to the Washington Post Local Living section, which has yet to produce a link to their health code violations report from their most recent edition. But it appeared in print, so I am soldiering on.

Among other things, vermin were involved in the dough dealers’ violations. So if you see an unusual, moving or live topping on your 10-square-foot slice of cheese, your eyes may not be deceiving you.

This brings me to my second point: How ’bout some more 24/7 or late night food options? I doubt this gross pizza would be as popular if there were other choices. We all know about Amsterdam Falafel and the handful of diners in the DMV, but as D.C. continues to grow into its cosmopolitan world capital role, we need to start getting our around-the-clock eateries on. This isn’t just me — most young people I know bemoan the lack of late night eateries, especially in neighborhoods like Cleveland Park and Columbia Heights, not counting the new IHOP.

Until this element of our burgeoning dining scene catches up with our exploding night life scene, you might just have to settle for a bite of that vermin slice. Look before you eat, y’all.

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